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coll_treasuresOur Mission.  The Australian National Museum of Education (ANME) was founded in 1996 to promote an understanding of the history of Australian education. This goal will be achieved through the development and preservation of its collection, through support for related research and scholarship and through collaboration with school museums.

sch_myrtlefordOur Members.  ANME  is committed  to promoting the development of a national network of school museums throughout Australia by offering registration as members of ANME. It aims to promote collaboration among members about museum practice and to bring together, in a virtual way, a wealth of archival material held in communities.   Read more about our school museum members and how your museum can register.

coll_capOur Collection. Our onsite repository at the University of Canberra holds our collection of historic text books, journals, manuscripts, photographs, artefacts and ephemera. Five themes have been defined to guide the thematic interpretation of the history of Australian education:  Policy, Administration, Curriculum, Practice and Innovation.  Read more about our collections.

coll_spellingOur Research.  The Museum ANME offers opportunities to scholars for research  in the history of education,  conducts regular field trips to school museums and holds seminars and an annual lecture. It also publishes research monographs and on-line resources.  ANME is sponsored by the Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society.  Read more.

The Australian National Museum of Education is a Centre in the University of Canberra. It is sponsored by the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society and by the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics.

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