Donations and Bequests

Supporting ANME through donation and bequests

ANME is supported by its sponsor, the ANZ History of Education Society, its school museum members and its host institution, the University of Canberra.  The establishment of the Museum has benefitted from the generosity of individuals who have donated  their collections of historical educational materials as well as those who have given of their time and expertise to establish the organisation over its twenty year history.

Donations, in the form of financial support, are crucial to the development of the Museum. Financial support can take the form of the funding of particular event, project or initiative.

Bequests remembering the Museum through a financial legacy are invited. Please contact the Director, Dr Malcolm Beazley AM to discuss how your gift may be recognised.

Guide to ANME Collection Policy:

Please note that it is not possible for ANME to accept all the material it is offered. It is helpful if the historical significance of items is considered before making donations. An item is regarded as significant if it meets four tests:

1. Association: The artefact has a strong association with people,  practices, sites or events related to a school or its district.

2. Rarity: The object though common in a certain period of schooling is now  rarely encountered. Age or condition is not a consideration.

3. Aesthetic Value: The item  is distinctiive, attractive in appearance and shows skilled workmanship.

4. Context: The artefact completes a set or series, or highlights some unusual aspect of a school’s history or its social context.

Please see our Collections page for examples of historical material.