A Story of the Australian People
Author: Karl Reginald Cramp

Karl Cramp was the author of several textbooks for school children during the first half of the twentieth century.  His teaching career started when he was appointed as a pupil-teacher in Newcastle in 1895.  Upon graduating from Sydney University in 1906 with an MA degree he was appointed as a lecturer in History at Sydney Teachers’ College and later as Inspector of Secondary Schools in the NSW Department of Education from 1923 to 1943.  The best known and most widely used textbook was A Story of the Australian People, a history written for primary children and secondary school students.  This book was first published in 1927 by George Philip & Son, Sydney. As Cramp explains in his preface to this book:

“Parts I and II will be more interesting to younger children, while Parts III and IV may be read to the higher classes. The whole work has been designed for upper primary and lower secondary classes.”