Northcliffe School History Project WA

The following is from a project conducted in 2004 by year 8 students of Northcliffe public school under the tutelage of Mrs Jodrell, the teacher of Studies of Society and Environment, assisted by Ms Lucas, the computer teacher.The year 8 students were presented with the project as a component of their learning and were assessed on the knowledge they gained and on their contribution to the project, consistent with their abilities.

The students researched old school records and conducted interviews. This project was conducted in conjuntion with the 80th Anniversary of the Northcliffe community. We present the project to you below in its entirety.

Northcliffe is the only town in WA that commenced for the sole purpose of "Group Settlement ". This meant schools, about 14, were established within walking distance of the early settlers. Over time the current school developed as transport methods became more effective.

Group settlement schools were built surrounding the Northcliffe townsite. They usually consisted of one teacher classrooms designed to house multi-age students. The distance between schools allowed students to walk to school as bus services were non-existent. They catered for the influx of settlers and land holders during the Government sponsored "Group Settlement Scheme" in 1924. Many settlers were migrants from the United Kingdom, and they hoped to clear the land and establish dairy farms. The Government undertook the provision of amenities including schools. There were 14 schools in the Northcliffe District.

Oral History – Interview


Settlement Schools

Current School Site



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Northcliffe District High School. Zamia Street , NORTHCLIFFE

Thank you to Mrs Alison Daubney for her permission to use material from NORTHCLiFFE "I remember when…" (ISBN 0957875207) and Mr Denny Smeathers for sharing his personal history.