Collection Profiles

ANME has developed a set of collection profiles,  a classification of the holdings of the Museum that are intended to assist in accessing and using the collection for historical research. In time, these profiles will form the basis for developing an on-line resources. The following table summarises the  profiles.  For more detailed information, download the ANME Profiles document here.

1. Manuscript ItemsA wide variety of manuscript material relating to schools, curriculum, classroom practice, teachers and education administration, indicators of the day to day life of a school in times past
2. Nineteenth Century School TextbooksEarly school textbooks dating from colonial times and representative of the style and content of books used in Australian schools, an indicator of curriculum change and development across the last two centuries.
3. Award CertificatesExamples of documents of educational attainment, representative, in style, format and decoration of an industrial society's need for certification of competence at a specific level of education and training.
4. Nineteenth Century School Architecture A collection of photographs of older Australian schools which have retained buildings representative of the different periods and styles of nineteenth century colonial architecture.
5. SyllabusesAn extensive and expanding collection of curriculum and subject syllabus documents and handbooks, mostly relating to twentieth century reforms, with some dating to the earlier introduction of public instruction acts in the 1880s.
6. School MagazinesA representative collection of Annual School Magazines and Yearbooks for the period 1905 to 2005, providing a resource for understanding the schooling and childhood experiences of past generations.profile_schmag
7. School EphemeraSchool ephemera refers to published or printed paper items which relate to events in which the school, its students and teachers are involved, usually printe for a single occasion or event.profile06
8. School HistoriesANME acquires school histories published by primary and secondary schools in both the government sector and the non-government, church and independent sectors. These are found in great variety in all formats and sizes.
9. Distinguished EducatorsA gallery of Distinguished Australian Educators which includes portraits and biographical briefs of a selection of celebrated teachers, educational administrators and school principals from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
10. ArtefactsANME selectively collects smaller artefacts, such as slates, school trophies plaques and shields, photographs, badges, award medallions, portable teaching aids such as wall charts, globes, slide projectors, school banners, pennants and a small number of school uniforms and pockets. It does not collect large items better placed in school museums.