Monograph Series

The Museum sponsors research using the collection to focus on projects of national significance for the history of education in Australia. It publishes these in its monograph series, available from the Australian National Museum of Education.

Price: $25.00 plus $5.00 postage and packaging being a total of $30.00.


Trethewey, Lynne (2021). A Microcosm of Rural Education Beyond the Periphery: Kangaroo Island South Australia 1870-1920. ANME Monograph Series No 12.

Riordan, Geoffrey (2018). A Brief History of Attached Schools: Forms, Purposes and Critical Factors for Success in University School Partnerships. ANME Monograph Series No 11.

Elliott, Alison (2016) Looking Back, Looking Forward: Changing Contexts for Early Childhood Education. Canberra: Australian National Museum of Education Monograph Series, No 10.

Braga, Stuart (2015). Influenza 1919. How Three Schools Coped with the Epidemic. Canberra:  ANME Monograph Series No 9.

Triolo, Rosalie (2014). ‘Teachers Would Make Good Soldiers’: The Relationships between Victorian Teachers’ Education and Employment Backgrounds and Experiences as Soldiers in the Great War. Canberra:  ANME Monograph Series No 8.

Sherington, Geoffrey (2014). Education and Nation Building in Australia 1913 and Beyond. Canberra:  ANME Monograph Series No 7.

McGaw, Barry (2013).  The First Australian Curriculum. Canberra: Australian National Museum of Education. Monograph Series No 6.

Trimingham Jack, Christine (2012). Female Teachers in Classic Children’s Literature. Canberra:  ANME Monograph Series No 5.

Dufty, David ( 2010), Integrated Studies of Society, Culture and Environment and the Pursuit of Well Rounded Models: ANME Monograph Series No.4

Ramsland,  John ( 2010). The Great Australian Silence ReignsAboriginal Children and Schooling in New South Wales 1901–1970. Canberra: Australian National Museum of Education. Monograph Series No 3.

Kyle, Noeline ( 2009). Mad Aunts, Illegitimate Children and Royal Bloodlines! Family, Women and History in 2008. Canberra: ANME Monograph Series No 2.

Selleck, R.J.W. (2008).  A Cold Coming. Canberra: ANME Monograph Series No 1.


Dennett, Colin (2017) Mowbray House Sydney: Reflections: A case study of a Sydney North Shore Boys’ Preparatory School, 1906 – 1954. Canberra: ANME Occasional Paper Series, No. 2

Burkhardt, Geoffrey (2017) School Teachers during the Early Decades of Colonial NSW 1789-1830s, including Teachers who were Convicts and Emancipists. Canberra: ANME Occasional Paper Series, No. 1

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