Dundowran State School Museum

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Dundowran State School Museum is part of the Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum, which beganb in 1974 with one building, the first Public Hall at Dundowran. This was donated by the residents  to the Museum after a major fundraising. Money was scarce, so volunteers made jams, pickles and sweets to sell at the Museum and markets. Joan and Norm Christiansen also wrote a small book, THE LAMP STILL BURNS, about the very early settlers to 1890.

Thanks to the volunteers’ hard work and dedication, by 1990, the Museum had increased to 13 buildings, filled with over 3000 fascinating exhibits from the early years in the Wide Bay area. Iris Beckman is the only original volunteer remaining here. (See first photograph) There are now 18 buildings, 8000 exhibits and a group of dedicated volunteers, busily repairing the old buildings that were falling into disrepair and restoring buildings acquired in recent years.


13 Zephyr Street
Hervey Bay QLD  4655


Phone Number
(07) 4128 4804
(07) 4124 6526

Hours of Operation
Friday & Saturday from 1pm ’til 4.30pm
Sundays from 10.30am ’til 4.30pm

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