Samford Provisional School Museum

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Here visitors enter a world almost forgotten and unknown to many.

Since the Museum opened in 1986, and as early as 1977, members have worked at collecting objects from the district’s rural, domestic, educational, railway, timber, transport and village history as well as reminiscences by families who have lived in the Samford Valley.

The relocated Head Teacher’s house from near by Albany Creek State School forms the nucleus of relocated and purpose-built buildings which house displays depicting most aspects of Samford’s history and industries, much of which is common to other districts, therefore not restricting potential visitors to an interest in Samford only.

Station Street
Samford, Queensland


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(07) 3289 2743

Hours of Operation
Wednesdays 10am-3pm and Sundays 10am-4pm
(Except Christmas School Holidays & Easter).

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