Upload Old School Photos

Do you have historical images of early schooling in your family archive?  ANME is marking the centenary of the Great War by collecting images from the period before 1920.

If you have a valuable historical image you can upload a digital copy from this page. We are especially interested  in images of early class groups, a school event or occasion, a classroom interior (very rare) or an original school building. Please consider these requirements before uploading:

  1. The image should have some historical significance—this mainly a matter of age and rarity. We give highest priority to collecting images dated before 1920, then images prior to 1945.
  2. Ensure that the image is of good quality.  Scan original photographs in colour at 300 dpi or 450dpi  resolution at original size. File type should be saved as JPG.
  3. Give the image a file name that Identifies first a  <location> if  known, or a <family name> if location cannot be stated.
  4. Please give a description of the image stating what is known about it, such as the date, the name of the school depicted, or a person who can be identified. the name of  the family archive holding the photograph, and any other information as to its provenance.

Use this form to upload your old school photograph here.

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