Vale Rod West

Rod West, 1998Rod West, who died on Monday 25th January, was a remarkable man who enriched the lives of a great many people. If ever a man made a significant difference he did. There are many who will remember him with respect and affection especially those who were students and staff at each of his schools and many more throughout the community.

As a teacher, he opened the riches of literature and the classics to many. As an educational leader, he was an inspiration and a mentor to many other leaders. He valued parents, knowing very well their sacrificial love and care for their boys (and, later in his long career, girls). They entrusted their children to him, knowing his great pastoral strength, and they were richly rewarded. His phenomenal memory for people’s names was matched by his genuine interest in and care for them. In their later lives, he maintained contact with many, and rejoiced in their success. Where necessary, he would mourn with those who mourn. Likewise, there are now many who mourn the passing of Rod West, a unique man, a giant among men.

Stuart Braga